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Company Overview

There are moments that you are faced with the difficulty of choosing which of the thousands of offers you should prioritize to promote. You may even ask yourself: which niche and kinds of offers will work optimally with your traffic? Both novice and seasoned affiliates worry about the same thing.

The best way to end this problem is to look for an affiliate network that not only has a database of offers to choose from but also has auto-optimization technology to help increase your chances of conversion. One such network is Traffic Company.

Founded in 2016, this CPA network concentrates on mobile offers. This company has paid out over $23.5 million to its 14,000 affiliates in 2019 alone. Traffic Company has received multiple recognitions from award-giving bodies such as YNOT Awards, XBix Awards, and Gaelic Awards.

Main Verticals

There are several offer categories within Traffic Company (that cover 195 countries all over the world), but the verticals they focus mainly on are the following:

  • Mobile content offers

  • Click-to-call offers

There are more than 10 mobile content offers and more than 50 Click-to-Call offers, all of which are in-house.

Also, this affiliate company's offers, including third-party offers, are handpicked carefully. Because there is no middle-man, it means the affiliates are assured to get the best earnings for the offers.

Individual offers are listed in the Offer wall, but affiliates can also run SmartLink campaigns. The latter is where the network's automatic optimization technology performs its magic.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Every affiliate needs a friendly and committed manager to succeed in this business. Fortunately, Traffic Company provides a reliable manager that affiliates can trust. They provide updated information on which offers are seeing success in the platform.

Referral Bonus

Traffic Company encourages its affiliates to invite other publishers to the platform by providing a referral bonus. You can earn up to 5% of your referral's confirmed earnings, subject to Terms and Conditions.

Payment Terms

To receive your payout, you need to earn a minimum of €250. You can receive your payment through Paxum, PayPal, and wire transfer. Depending on your performance, you can get paid on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis. The better your performance, the faster your money is sent on your preferred payment method.


  • Timely payments

  • Recommends offers in the Opportunities

  • Has a real-time tracking system that allows you to monitor your performance and profit

  • Provides necessary tools to help you achieve your goals

  • Has dedicated affiliate managers that are always there to help you


  • Has a strict application process.

  • Has a high minimum earning requirement for withdrawals (€250). Small-time affiliates might take longer to reach the minimum earning requirement.

  • Has a limited number of payment options.


If you feel like you are not moving forward and you wish to improve your affiliate marketing profits, you may want to try Traffic Company. This affiliate network converts well in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia. The network is friendly to newcomers, the payouts are always on time, and the offers are usually profitable.

Contact Information

Traffic Company contact details and social media accounts.

Social Media

Offer Information

Offers, verticals, and referral program information available at Traffic Company affiliate network.

SweepstakesDatingGamingMVASAdultPush SubscriptionGambling
Commission Types
Tracking Software
Referral Amount
Referral Duration
12 Months

Payment Information

Available payment methods, payment frequency, and net terms available at Traffic Company.

Minimum Payment
Payment Methods
Payment Frequency
Payment Delay

Tracking Information

How to properly configure your postback and offer URLs to track conversions for Traffic Company affiliate network.

Automatically Configure Offer and Postback URLs

Select your tracker with the dropdown menu to generate pre-configured postback and offer URLs.

Postback URL Tokens

Affiliate network tokens avaialble to use in your affiliate network postback URL.

Tracking TokenToken DescriptionRequired?
{unique_id}A unique ID assigned by Traffic Company for the conversion. IE. transaction ID.NO
{reward}The reward that you receive for a conversion in euros or dollars (e.g. 1.23).YES
{rewardcents}The reward that you receive for a conversion in euro cents or dollar cents (e.g. 123).NO
{p}The partner code to which a conversion is assigned.NO
{pi}The promo info can be used for tracking promotions on your reports page (max. 45 characters). IMPORTANT: This placeholder should never be used to track unique data like individual visitors.NO
{os}The operating system of the visitor.NO
{device}The device of the visitor.NO
{country}The country iso code of the visitor.NO
{carrier}The mobile carrier of the visitor.NO
{click_id}The value of the 'click_id' parameter in the query string of your offer URL.YES
{transaction_id}The value of the 'transaction_id' parameter in the query string of your offer URL.NO
{cookie_id}The value of the 'cookie_id' parameter in the query string of your offer URL.NO
{sub_id}The value of the 'sub_id' parameter in the query string of your offer URL.NO

Offer URL Sub IDs

Query string parameters (also known as Sub IDs) available to pass data to Traffic Company. You can view this data in your reports.

Sub IDSub ID DescriptionRequired?
click_idQuery param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link. This query param is used for your tracker's click ID.YES
cookie_idQuery param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link.NO
sub_idQuery param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link.NO
transaction_idQuery param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link.NO
piPromo information. Use this query param to track information about your promotions (max 45 chars). Do not use to track unique data, such as click ID.NO


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