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Company Overview

If you're looking for an affiliate network dedicated to mobile traffic, Mobipium is another option that you can look into. The company has been in the affiliate marketing business since 2013. Their headquarters is in Portugal, but they also have offices in Argentina and Brazil.

Main Verticals

Currently, there are more than 5,000 active offers within the platform. These are a combination of in-house offers and those coming from their 100 direct advertisers, and are broken down into two types:

Individual Offers

The main verticals of Mobipium fall under carrier billing or mobile content, push notifications, casino and sweepstakes, and dating. The majority of their offers are in-house, and the rest are exclusive.

For individual offers, you can visit the Market tab. You can filter offers based on country, carrier, category, conversion models, and more. Speaking of conversion models, they have CPA, CPL, CPS, and Revenue Share.

Their main dashboard displays top offers and new offers for the week, but you can also ask your affiliate manager for offers that work well for your traffic. You can contact them via Skype or email.

Smart Link Offers

There are eight SmartLink packs available, all of which can be promoted to any geo. These smart link packs are:

  • Carrier Billing Adult

  • Carrier Billing Mainstream

  • Push Notifications (All Landing Pages)

  • Push Notifications (No Loop)

  • Push Notifications (Generic Streaming)

  • Push Notifications (Football Streaming)

  • Push Notifications (Movies Premiere)

  • Push Notifications (Adult Landings)

A Smart Link is a good option if you don't know how your traffic will perform. Affiliates generally had a good experience with Mobipium's push notification smart links, in particular.

Sign Up Process

Signing up is pretty easy. After providing the needed information on the registration page, someone from Mobipium will reach out within one to three days.

They are not as strict as other networks, which means they are open to newbie affiliates. You just need to be honest with how you intend to promote the offers and where your mobile traffic will be coming from.

Payment Terms

The first payment is automatically placed on Net-30 payment terms but can be moved to faster payouts once the traffic quality has been vetted.

The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the payment option. If you choose Paypal, Paxum, and ePayments, the minimum required earnings is just $100. But if you choose wire transfer, the minimum is $500.

However, the payments are not sent automatically. At the end of the billing period, the affiliate must confirm the total revenue with his affiliate manager, prepare his own invoice, and submit the document back to the AM. If any information is missing, their accounting team will disregard it and the affiliate will experience payment delays.

In addition, the NET pay period only begins the moment the complete and correct invoice has been submitted.


  • Highly active and responsive affiliate managers

  • Easy sign-up process

  • Newbie friendly

  • Quick feedback on quality


  • Payments are not sent automatically, instead, affiliates have to prepare their invoice themselves.

  • Offers within the SmartLink pack cannot be found in the marketplace, which means you cannot individually promote a good offer you find from a SmartLink campaign.


While many affiliates have found the payment process to be too tedious, Mobipium is still a good choice of network, especially for untargeted traffic. However, optimization is highly necessary when running their SmartLinks as the payout per conversion can go downhill just as quickly.

Contact Information

MOBIPIUM contact details and social media accounts.

Social Media

Offer Information

Offers, verticals, and referral program information available at MOBIPIUM affiliate network.

SweepstakeseCommerceDatingGamingMVASAdultPush Subscription
Commission Types
Tracking Software
Referral Amount
Referral Duration

Payment Information

Available payment methods, payment frequency, and net terms available at MOBIPIUM.

Minimum Payment
Payment Methods
Payment Frequency
Payment Delay

Tracking Information

How to properly configure your postback and offer URLs to track conversions for MOBIPIUM affiliate network.

Automatically Configure Offer and Postback URLs

Select your tracker with the dropdown menu to generate pre-configured postback and offer URLs.

Postback URL Tokens

Affiliate network tokens avaialble to use in your affiliate network postback URL.

Tracking TokenToken DescriptionRequired?
{tid}The click ID valueYES
{car}The mobile carrier... if available.NO
{pay}The payout of the conversion.YES
{cou}The country of the converted offer.NO
{uni}Unique transaction identifier.NO
{oid}The ID of the offer for which a conversion was generated.NO
{cam}The ID of the campaign for which a conversion was generated.NO
{tid1}Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link.NO
{tid2}Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link.NO
{tid3}Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link.NO

Offer URL Sub IDs

Query string parameters (also known as Sub IDs) available to pass data to MOBIPIUM. You can view this data in your reports.

Sub IDSub ID DescriptionRequired?
tidQuery param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link.YES
tid1Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link.NO
tid2Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link.NO
tid3Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link.NO


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