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Mobidea Website

Company Overview

Because people's day-to-day activities revolve around their smartphones these days, mobile offers have become an effective way of promoting products or services around the world. If you are thinking about promoting affiliate mobile offers, what better company to do it than Mobidea?

Founded in 2011, Mobidea is an affiliate network with over 2,000 optimized mobile offers. What successful affiliate marketers love about this company is that the lifetime of several offers is long, which means if they profit from an offer, they can profit for a long time.

Main Verticals

Mobidea has many verticals under its belt. Their best ones are:

  • Mainstream dating

  • Adult dating

  • Sweepstakes

  • Games

  • Coupons

Mobidea shares information on individual offers such as conversion rates, revenue, and clicks received. This way, affiliates would be able to make better decisions when choosing which offer to promote.

Opportunities Section

Field testing can be exhausting and expensive, especially if you are operating on a limited budget. On Mobidea's dashboard, you will be able to see the top-performing offers yesterday, the last three days, and even the last seven days. You can use this to choose the tried-and-tested offers which have a good chance of earning you more money.


They also have the Smartlink feature if you think that you are having difficulty selecting which offer you want to promote. This feature has two types of links that you can promote: Mainstream and Adult - which are already self-explanatory.

Spy Tool

To increase your chances of succeeding with your promotions, you can use a spy tool to check what others are promoting and how. There's no need to create an account elsewhere, as Mobidea has its own intelligence tool within the platform.

It is a Native and Push ads spy tool that you can use without charge for two days. Once the free trial is over, the subscription period will officially begin. Don't worry; if you don't have enough money to bankroll the spy tool, you can use the balance on your earnings once you have gained a profit.

Mobidea Academy

More than just a blog, Mobidea Academy regularly releases tips and tricks and promoting offers from the network. They also have case studies, guides, and interviews with super affiliates to help their publishers increase their conversion rates and find worthwhile offers to promote.

Payment Terms

You will be qualified for payment once you have reached the minimum amount, which is €50. You can choose from five easy ways to get your well-deserved money:

  1. WebMoney

  2. PayPal

  3. Paxum

  4. Bank Transfers

  5. ePayments

Payments are released weekly, specifically on a Wednesday. VIP affiliates can get paid as often as two times a week. To qualify as a VIP affiliate, you must earn at least €10,000 from the last 30 days.


  • Easy registration process

  • Has a learning center to help both noobs and pros alike

  • Payments are sent regularly and without delay for as long as you reach the minimum withdrawal amount


  • Slow response to queries

  • Not fit for desktop traffic


Mobile ads may be a scary concept at first, but you'll get the hang of it especially if you check out the Mobidea Academy. Once you have learned a trick or two, you'll be earning more profit before you know it. Mobidea will always be there to help you reach your marketing goals.

Contact Information

Mobidea contact details and social media accounts.

Social Media

Offer Information

Offers, verticals, and referral program information available at Mobidea affiliate network.

SweepstakesDatingGamingMVASAdultPush Subscription
Commission Types
Tracking Software
Referral Amount
Referral Duration

Payment Information

Available payment methods, payment frequency, and net terms available at Mobidea.

Minimum Payment
Payment Methods
Payment Frequency
Payment Delay

Tracking Information

How to properly configure your postback and offer URLs to track conversions for Mobidea affiliate network.

Automatically Configure Offer and Postback URLs

Select your tracker with the dropdown menu to generate pre-configured postback and offer URLs.

Postback URL Tokens

Affiliate network tokens avaialble to use in your affiliate network postback URL.

Tracking TokenToken DescriptionRequired?
{{EXTERNAL_ID}}Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link in the 'tag' query parameter. This slot is used for your tracker's click ID.YES
{{WEBSITE_ID}}Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link in the 'website' query parameter.NO
{{PLACEMENT}}Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link in the 'placement' query parameter.NO
{{MONEY}}Revenue earned for the conversion. Select the currency in your dashboard settings.YES

Offer URL Sub IDs

Query string parameters (also known as Sub IDs) available to pass data to Mobidea. You can view this data in your reports.

Sub IDSub ID DescriptionRequired?
tagQuery param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link. Used for your tracker's click ID.YES
websiteQuery param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link.NO
placementQuery param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link.NO


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