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Company Overview

Statistically speaking, a person uses his or her smartphone for an average of three hours a day. Because of this information, smartphones have become a useful tool in harvesting traffic for advertisers and publishers alike.

If you have mobile traffic and would like to earn from them, try Haka Mobi. This CPA network is one of its kind as they don't just have in-house offers, they create offers that will easily convert for people on mobile. We'll explain more in the next part.

Main Verticals

Haka Mobi's top-performing verticals fall under:

  • Adult dating

  • Sweeps

  • App Installs

  • mVAS (Mobile Value-Added Services)

There are only a handful of offers available, but all of them are optimized for easy mobile conversions. To reduce ad blindness, the network develops and tests new landing pages every week.

Enhanced Conversion Flow

Now the conversion flow is where it gets exciting. The network uses Click2SMS.

It is a straightforward conversion flow where a person will only need to click on a button. After that, a new page with pre-filled information will open up, which includes the person's mobile number. After the person confirms the prefilled info, the offer (advertiser) will send an SMS to the number given. This then counts as a conversion.

Because this is a rare conversion flow type, Haka creates their own landers and pre-landers that can maximize conversions. As such, affiliates can simply direct link to Haka Mobi's offers.

Sweepstakes and dating are some of the top-converting niches for Click2SMS. In addition to this uncomplicated conversion flow, Haka Mobi utilizes a smart ad server for improved inventory delivery.

Global Scope

Haka Mobi's offers can be promoted worldwide. Landing pages automatically translate based on the detected geo.

The company uses advanced targeting through OS, carrier, geo-location, and other factors to ensure that the best conversion rates are achieved, whatever region the traffic came from.

With this wide coverage, you can be sure to find a gold mine in places that most affiliates overlook. As of press time, Tier 3 countries are performing really well in this network's offers.

No Traffic Restrictions

Haka accepts all kinds of traffic, except of course bot traffic. They allow incent, redirect, content-locking, and display, but the best-performing ones are pop ads, native, and push.

Payment Terms

Payment is scheduled on a NET-30 and NET-15 basis. The minimum required earnings before you can cash out is $300. Withdrawal options include Payoneer and wire transfer.


  • Offers are easy to promote, even remnant traffic can work.

  • Accepts any form of traffic worldwide.

  • Has their own proprietary in-house tracking system.


  • Even when the account is approved, there would hardly be any offers available in the dashboard.

  • The minimum revenue required for withdrawal is high.

  • Has only two payment options.

  • Has a very basic reporting dashboard that provides very little information.

  • No option to add your financial information within the dashboard.

  • Haka's support team is not very responsive.

Final Thoughts on Haka Mobi

If you have a surplus of mobile traffic, then you can go ahead and try Haka. The offers convert easily enough. But with the low payouts and only a handful of offers to choose from, it can take a while before you are able to reach the minimum payout and withdraw your earnings.

However, if cash flow is not an issue, then Haka's offers are worthwhile to test.

Contact Information

Haka Mobi contact details and social media accounts.

Social Media

Offer Information

Offers, verticals, and referral program information available at Haka Mobi affiliate network.

Commission Types
Tracking Software
Referral Amount
Referral Duration

Payment Information

Available payment methods, payment frequency, and net terms available at Haka Mobi.

Minimum Payment
Payment Methods
Payment Frequency
Payment Delay

Tracking Information

How to properly configure your postback and offer URLs to track conversions for Haka Mobi affiliate network.

Automatically Configure Offer and Postback URLs

Select your tracker with the dropdown menu to generate pre-configured postback and offer URLs.

Postback URL Tokens

Affiliate network tokens avaialble to use in your affiliate network postback URL.

Tracking TokenToken DescriptionRequired?
{keyword}Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link in the 'keyword' query parameter. This slot is typically used for your tracker's click ID.YES
{keyword2}Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link in the 'keyword2' query parameter.NO
{keyword3}Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link in the 'keyword3' query parameter."NO
{affiliateid}Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link in the 'aid' query parameter.NO
{payout}Revenue earned for the conversion. Select the currency in your dashboard settings.YES

Offer URL Sub IDs

Query string parameters (also known as Sub IDs) available to pass data to Haka Mobi. You can view this data in your reports.

Sub IDSub ID DescriptionRequired?
keywordQuery param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link. Used for your tracker's click ID.YES
keyword2Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link. Intended for your site/app name.NO
keyword3Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link. Intended for your session ID.NO
aidQuery param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link. Intended for your source ID.NO


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