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Company Overview

If you have decided to invest your money in affiliate offers, it goes without saying that you are placing your implicit trust in the affiliate network that will handle your investment. One affiliate network that can grow your stake is ClickDealer.

Founded in 2012, this company has become one of the most popular CPA networks in the industry. During the course of its existence, it has received numerous awards and has become the top choice of pro affiliates worldwide. It has been recognized by mThink Blue Book, Performinsider, Business of Apps, AffLift, and other industry leaders.

Main Verticals

There are thousands of offers in this affiliate network, but their most popular ones fall under:

  • Sweepstakes

  • Retail & Ecommerce

  • Casino & Gambling

  • Download

  • Nutra

  • Mobile Subscriptions

They have also launched a Dating-focused Smartlink, which has a different platform on its own.

Because ClickDealer has been in the business for many years, it has made good connections with so many direct advertisers. Having said that, this affiliate network holds in its arsenal a lot of offers that you won't see in other networks, most of them with high payouts.

Accepted Traffic Types

Almost all types of traffic (push, native, search, social, pop, etc.) are accepted in ClickDealer. However, each advertiser has its own restrictions on its offers. So before you run any offer, you need to confirm that the traffic you use is accepted. This way, you can protect yourself from getting banned not just from that specific offer, but from the network as well. ClickDealer is very particular about this aspect.

Loyalty Program

Every affiliate is automatically added to Clickdealer's Loyalty Program (currently called Clickdealer Nitro). Each conversion generated by the affiliate will earn points which can later be exchanged for stuff like a round-trip in a cruiser, a high-tech vacuum cleaner, a MacBook Air, or even a Porsche!

Payment Terms

ClickDealer's payments are on NET-15 terms. This means that the earnings from the beginning up to the final day of the month will be settled on the 15th day of the next month. The CPA and Smartlink accounts are processed separately.

For the CPA account, the minimum payment is $500. For the Smartlink account, the minimum payment is $100. Once your traffic has been evaluated to be of acceptable quality, you can contact your affiliate manager to be moved to a faster payment frequency.

Payouts are sent through Wire Transfer, PayPal, ePayments, Payoneer, Paxum, Qiwi, eCheck, Capitalist, WebMoney, and Yandex.Money.


  • Has an easy to navigate interface

  • Award-winning and well-regarded in the industry

  • Has easy to approach affiliate managers

  • Provides exclusive offers

  • Rewards affiliates through a points-based Loyalty Program


  • Has a very strict application process

  • Not newbie-friendly

  • The minimum payout is too high for a novice which may cause cash flow issues.

Final Thoughts on Clickdealer

ClickDealer is a great network to work with. Its reputation as a well-regarded and award-winning company was made possible because of its dedication to its affiliates, both novices and pros. And with exciting loyalty programs and exclusive perks, Clickdealer can make the life of an affiliate not just profitable, but also exciting.

Contact Information

ClickDealer contact details and social media accounts.

Social Media

Offer Information

Offers, verticals, and referral program information available at ClickDealer affiliate network.

AdultSweepstakesCryptoMVASeCommerceDatingPush Subscription
Commission Types
Tracking Software
Referral Amount
Referral Duration
6 Months

Payment Information

Available payment methods, payment frequency, and net terms available at ClickDealer.

Minimum Payment
Payment Methods
Payment Frequency
Payment Delay

Tracking Information

How to properly configure your postback and offer URLs to track conversions for ClickDealer affiliate network.

Automatically Configure Offer and Postback URLs

Select your tracker with the dropdown menu to generate pre-configured postback and offer URLs.

Postback URL Tokens

Affiliate network tokens avaialble to use in your affiliate network postback URL.

Tracking TokenToken DescriptionRequired?
#s1#Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link.NO
#s2#Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link. This slot is typically used for your tracker's click ID.YES
#s3#Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link.NO
#s4#Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link.NO
#s5#Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link.NO
#tid#Unique transaction identifierNO
#leadid#Unique ID of the leadNO
#affid#Affiliate IDNO
#oid#Offer IDNO
#price#Lead rate in the currency of the offer (EUR or USD)NO
#price_usd#Lead rate expressed in USD currencyYES
#campid#Campaign IDNO
#currency#The currency of conversion. Possible values: EUR, USDNO
#cid#Creative IDNO
#disposition#Disposition typeNO
#utcunixtime#Conversion UNIX timestampNO
#sourcedate#Conversion DateTimeNO

Offer URL Sub IDs

Query string parameters (also known as Sub IDs) available to pass data to ClickDealer. You can view this data in your reports.

Sub IDSub ID DescriptionRequired?
s1Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link. NO
s2Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link. This slot is typically used for your tracker's click ID.YES
s3Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link. NO
s4Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link. NO
s5Query param/Sub ID added to the offer tracking link. NO


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