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Company Overview

We can all agree that no matter how innovative or essential your product or the offer you want to promote may be, it cannot be successful without the necessary advertising and marketing. To maximize your advertising campaigns, you'll need a good advertising network. One of such is Traffic Nomads.

Traffic Nomads is run by a team of expert media buyers who are totally focused on performance and on ensuring that their clients get the best quality traffic in the easiest way possible. Traffic Nomads offers exclusive traffic sources, competitive bidding models, and an advanced targeting algorithm for optimization.

For this reason, it is the number one choice for many businesses. Users of this platform enjoy round-the-clock support and a variety of ad formats for both mobile and desktop devices.

Unique Features

Traffic Nomad's unique features allow the advertiser to analyze and optimize ad campaigns in one place. The features are outlined below:

Great 24/7 Support Team

Any advertiser would be happy to have a dedicated account manager who helps them obtain their goals. Though Traffic Nomad is a self-service platform, the support team is always ready to listen and available 24/7. The support team also sends weekly optimization tips to help advertisers grow. These tips are personalized to the advertiser's preferences. Traffic Nomad can also help advertisers create and optimize their campaigns.

Multi-Use Dashboard

Traffic Nomads' dashboard allows the advertiser to observe their ads' performance in real-time and to create reports for offline viewing. There are multiple Key Performance Indicators to help you evaluate your campaigns properly.

With this feature, advertisers can separate low converting ads from high converting ones. The dashboard also comes with a filter option to make it easy for advertisers to find campaigns if they have hundreds or even thousands of campaigns running.

Different Account Levels

Traffic Nomads offers three account levels based on the advertisers budget:


This will be your account level if you spend less than $1,000 per month. It is a bit limited as there is no manager and temporary credits on this level.


You'll fall under this level if you spend between $1,000 and $5,000 per month. You may not be given temporary credit but you'll at least have access to a manager.


The premium account level is assigned to companies that spend more than five thousand dollars a month. This level offers all the support features with temporary credits and access to an account manager.

Traffic Types

Traffic Nomads offer six different types of ad format, they are outlined below:


Traffic Nomads' pop ad format allows advertisers to generate premium leads and gives an arena to test out new landing pages as well as run A/B tests. They can deliver up to 20 million clicks per day.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are very popular amongst advertisers. Traffic Nomad's Push ad format gives the advertiser high CTR on ads displayed on mobile and desktop devices. The probability of users clicking on Push notifications is quite high and could increase the chances for conversion. The network's push notifications impressions volume can reach up to 100 million per day.

In-Page Push

The In-page push ad format looks rather similar to push notifications but in reality, they are display ads. These show up on publisher websites like regular banner ads. Traffic Nomads can deliver up to 85 million daily impressions of in-page push ads.

Native Ads

This ad format is more in tune with the user's interests and has higher engagement potentials. The available size in Traffic Nomads is 300x300, and the potential traffic volume is 35 million.

Calendar Ads

The calendar ad format is not popular and advertisers may not even know about it. It allows advertisers to display and schedule ads on users' calendars. Available for just iOS devices. Traffic Nomads has a volume of eight million daily impressions for this ad format, enough to test out the waters.

Banner Ads

Banner ad formats are the oldest forms of ads on the internet. Traffic Nomads' banner ad formats allow the advertisers to display ads at the header, footer, or sidebar positions of the website. This network can deliver up to 155 million impressions on a daily basis.

Bidding Models

Traffic Nomads supports pricing models like CPM and CPC real-time bidding (RTB). Advertisers will only be charged whenever users click on ads and are successfully redirected to the advertiser's page. This allows the advertiser to avoid extra costs for nothing.

Payment Methods

Traffic Nomads supports six payment methods which include Capitalist, Paxum, wire transfer, credit card, and Paypal. The minimum deposit amount for advertisers on Traffic Nomads is $50.

If you want your funds to appear instantly, use PayPal or any credit card.


  • Excellent round the clock support

  • Low deposit minimum

  • Multiple ad formats


  • You can't start campaigns immediately as you need to wait for their approval.

  • No mention of a built-in anti-fraud system, so make sure you set up your own bot filters to avoid issues with low-quality traffic.


Traffic Nomads presents an excellent self-service platform for all kinds of advertisers and media buyers. Irrespective of your level of expertise, Traffic Nomads would be a good option to test offers because of the good traffic volume level.

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