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Company Overview

RichAds is a recently founded platform that is steadily on its way to becoming one of the leading advertising networks we have today. With a volume of four billion impressions from over two hundred countries, there is no doubt that this network provides one of the largest audience bases in the industry.

A large target audience is important for any advertising campaign as the value of any offer increases as it reaches more people, and RichAds is one network you can rely on to ensure your advertising efforts are maximized. This performance-marketing advertising platform not only focuses on their own performance, but also on that of their advertisers, publishers, and marketers.

RichAds Unique Features

Some of the most important features incorporated by RichAds to serve its client better are outlined below.

Automated Rules

Automated rules are features built into the RichAds platform to help advertisers optimize campaigns according to the rules they set. It is basically a rule-based optimization feature that allows you to set the parameters and the actions to be applied under specific conditions.

Automated rules offer several advantages such as less time, easier scaling, less money, increased campaign effectiveness, and total control of advertising campaigns. RichAds makes using this feature easy by providing templates of commonly used rules in advertising campaigns.

Better Targeting

RichAds offers seventeen smarter targeting options to help advertisers reach target audiences. Advertisers can target their audience with many options including user activity, GEO (country and region or cities), carrier, IP address, device type (mobile, tablet, or desktop), device model and OS, and connection type.

Advanced targeting options that allow you to target only the most recent subscribers are also available. While the basic targeting options are enough to optimize your campaign, advanced options will lead to higher ROI.

Target CPA

This is a smart bidding technology that automatically adjusts bids on certain sources based on their conversions (or the lack thereof). When used correctly, it helps reduce the cost of traffic while finding the best performing sources based on the Target CPA amount.

Micro Bidding

Getting the utmost performance and accuracy out of campaigns is something that every advertiser should aim for. To help make this achievable, RichAds lets advertisers customize bids for various parameters like Operating System, Publisher, Device, and Location, and manage them separately within the same campaign.

That way, not only are the chances of achieving high-quality performance in campaigns higher, but advertisers can also easily make adjustments as needed without having to create split campaigns. This is a new feature that is unique to RichAds.

Pre-Built Whitelists

With RichAds, you can start your ads on the provided premium sources proven to deliver results. Still, you can scale more by using other groups of sources.

API Integration

Advertisers can use API integration to link their own tracking system or the affiliate program/network they are working with to RichAds for seamless transfer of data.

Traffic Types

RichAds offers three traffic types to help advertisers capture new and robot-free impressions from different sources. These traffic types include:

Push Messaging Ads

RichAds' Push ad format allows the advertiser to create and send personalized alerts to the user's screen once the users have accepted to receive such notifications. This works with both mobile and desktop devices. Using this ad format gives you maximum visibility to interested audiences with a low CPC from $0.003 and as a result, the highest return on investment.


RichAd's Pops (popunder) ad format allows the advertiser to make ads that pop up as new tabs beneath the active window, without breaking the user's experience. Using RichAds' Pop ad format, the advertiser can create easy-to-launch ads at the lowest bid price possible and with the widest outreach.

Bidding Models

RichAds has two available bidding models depending on the ad format chosen -- CPC for push ad formats and CPM for pop. The CPC bidding model charges for every click that brings a user to your site. When using the CPC model, make sure that your lander loads fast enough as you will still be charged even if the user failed to see the site, as long as a click has been made.

They also have the Smart CPC option which automatically optimizes your bid based on the conversions you receive.

Deposit Methods

On RichAds, the minimum deposit to be able to start running ads is $100. There are several payment methods available on RichAds, which include VISA, Mastercard, WebMoney, Discover, Unionpay, UCB, Paxum, Capitalist, Payoneer, American Express, Interac, and Wire transfer. Several payment methods are available so advertisers can choose whichever payment method they feel is best and secure.


  • Great performance

  • Simple, fast, and intuitive UI

  • Excellent product features capable of meeting the advertiser's needs (Target CPA, Micro Bidding, Automated Rules)

  • The Recommended Bid and Top Bid are shown when creating campaigns to help advertisers evaluate how much their bid should be in order to get enough traffic.

  • A vast amount of payment choices


  • Campaigns are limited to one per country

  • Inability to initiate multi-geo pop campaigns.

  • The minimum budget per campaign is $25, which can be problematic if you have multiple campaigns pointing to a single offer because of the "one campaign per country" limitation.

Final Thoughts on RichAds

Advertisers often look at various digital marketing strategies to help attain maximum reach and conversions. RichAds lets you achieve the possible best from your offers by helping you get increased customer engagement and making sure that your ad gets to a very wide audience.

Factors such as affordable costs, basic and advanced optimization options, pre-made whitelists, and reliable support have all been put in place to ensure users get the best out of the platform. There is no denying that RichAds has made its way to the group of the best advertising networks that offer helpful features for performance marketers, and will likely continue to grow.

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