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MGID Website

MGID Website

Company Overview

Are you looking for a native ads platform that is trusted worldwide? One that publishes ads not just on regular websites, but also in the most well-known ones. Perhaps MGID will suit your needs.

Established in 2008, this network is one of the famous native traffic platforms around the globe. Native ads from this network are perfect for your affiliate offer promotions and to improve brand awareness of your own products. MGID also provides push notification traffic, which can be promoted side-by-side to native ads to amplify your marketing campaigns.

MGID Unique Features

Traffic Volume

Through its 22,000 publisher websites, this native advertising network can reach up to 850 million users every day and can place up to 185 billion content recommendation ads monthly.

They have traffic for basically anywhere in the world. Advertisers can target not just countries, but even regions and states in some locations.

Category Targeting

To ensure that your advertisements are shown on the right websites, you can select among MGID's 41 categories like home and garden, business and finance, food and drink, and others.

If in case you choose a category irrelevant to your offer or content, the Moderation Team will adjust it to the correct category. This allows the network to display relevant ads to their audiences and ensure viewer satisfaction.

Accurate Targeting

You can narrow down users based on the following:

  • Time

  • Location

  • Language

  • Browser

  • Operating Systems


You will have the ability to place bids based on placements. This way, you can put your money on placements that are beneficial for you, and bring down bids on the rest. Through this method, it lessens the need to blacklist and whitelist sources.

Comprehensive Analytics

Using a tracker is the best way to monitor how your campaigns are doing, in addition to how much your ads cost you. If you do not have your own tracker, you are always welcome to just use their analytics dashboard. If you want a comprehensive report about your native ads, their reports dashboard can provide you what you need. It is user-friendly and intuitive.

Optimization and Conversion tracking

You can optimize your campaigns to get more conversions through the MGID ads dashboard. If you don't want to do this manually, you can utilize the network's Rule-Based optimization, wherein sources can be paused if they are not converting, or their bids adjusted to get more traffic if they are driving conversions.

The three Rule-Based Optimization sets available are:

  • Auto-blocking

  • Auto-bidding

  • Fixed bid

You can set the rule based on target conversion cost, widget test budget, source test budget, and the optimization period (in days).

Anti-fraud Measures

No one likes fraud, right? Through MGID's internal QA and Forensiq technologies, they are able to sort out fraud issues that could affect the traffic you receive.

Traffic Type

MGID provides native and push notification ads. Under native ads, available ad formats are:

  • Search feed

  • Content recommendations

  • Product recommendations

Bidding Model

The network works on a CPC bidding model.

Top Converting Verticals

These are top verticals that convert rather well in this ad network:

  • Weight Loss

  • Male Enhancement

  • Skincare

  • Desktop and Mobile apps

  • E-commerce

  • Dating

  • Business

Other niches can also be promoted; these are just the ones that have been proven to work.

Funding Terms

This native ads network has two account types, namely:

  1. Self-serve. The minimum deposit for this type of account is $100. You will be the one who will create and supervise your campaigns.

  2. Full Serve. This type of account requires a minimum deposit of $500. For this, you will be eligible to have an account manager that you can contact anytime. Your account manager will assist in creating campaigns, optimize your campaigns based on your requirements, and will do his best to help you achieve your goals.

You can fund your campaigns through PayPal, WMZ/Paymaster24, Capitalist, Privatbank24, and credit cards.


  • Account managers are available for assistance 24/7 (for those under Managed Accounts)

  • Limits fraud with their internal anti-fraud system

  • Has a generous bonus scheme for first-time users

  • Has an easy-to-use user interface


  • Minimum budget of $50 per campaign

  • Slow approval times

  • Strict ad requirements that most of the time, ads are rejected

  • Slow interface

Final thoughts on MGID

If you want to prosper in native ads, MGID one of the best networks that you can trust. They have a generous bonus scheme, strict anti-fraud measures, and most of all, trustworthy managers that will help you flourish in this business.

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