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Company Overview

Clickadu is one of the most efficient traffic monetization and performance marketing platforms in the industry today. Being one of the fastest-growing ad networks in the world today, Clickadu's services are recommended by even top tracking software providers like Tracking Desk and Voluum.

And with about 2.8 billion impressions from over 240 GEOs delivered daily, Clickadu continues to open opportunities for its users around the globe. In addition to the amazingly skilled international team behind Clickadu, users also get to enjoy exclusive contracts, unique innovative technologies, fraud and bot filtering tools, and other amazing features described below.

Unique Features:

High-quality Technology For Advertisers

Advertisers on this network get to enjoy high-quality innovative technology exclusive to the Clickadu platform alone. This new technology coupled with Clickadu's vast network in over 240 countries, allows advertisers to reach as many people as possible which in turn helps them achieve higher milestones in expanding their business.

Quick Campaign Moderation

Clickadu's interface is very easy to use. Launching a campaign and acquiring traffic can be done very easily within minutes. After signing up as an advertiser, you can start setting up campaigns on your own. It's very easy to promote your products with ClickAdu as long as you don't violate any of the policies.

Fraud and Bot filters

Another feature worth noting about Clickadu is its top-notch anti-fraud system. The company claims to have invested much of its funds in a machine-learning-based anti-fraud system to protect its advertisers.

Budgeting and Specific Ad Targeting

Clickadu allows its advertisers to manage their daily advertising expenditure and plan their expenses according to their budget.

Advertisers can target audiences based on geolocation, OS, device, browser type, and more.

Traffic Types

Various traffic types are available for advertisers on the network, such as Instant Text Messages, Video pre-roll, Skim Ads, Popunder, Push Notifications, and Inpage Push. Below is a brief description of each of them:

Instant text message (dialogue ads)

Dialogue ads are one of the most effective advertising formats. This ad format alone delivers about nine million impressions each day. The Clickadu advertising network keeps getting better with this ad format and can currently be considered as an expert in this ad type.

Another great thing about Instant Text Messages is that they are very Google-friendly. How it works is that users are displayed an instant text message once they visit a web page or site. This method can easily be leveraged to get lots of conversions when the right creative texts are used. The SmartCPA, CPC, and CPM are used for these dialogue ads.

Video pre-roll

Video pre-rolls traffic types can be applied in advertising campaigns on Clickadu to help display promotional or informational videos before the main content on both mobile and desktop. Clickadu, just like many other advertising networks, also operates with VAST but in addition, is compliant with IAB VAST 3.0 requirements.

Pre-roll videos from Clickadu can be played on all JS and HTML and could be in MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, and FLV formats. The network has an average of thirty-four million daily impressions with this ad format. This ad format works great for offers such as dating and gaming.

Skim Ads

Skim ads are sent to web users in form of links inserted in specific web elements such as videos, icons, images, and texts. In other words, when users click on such elements, they are redirected to the advert's landing page. This ad format works on SmartCPM and CPM pricing models. Clickadu provides close to two million Skim ads impressions daily.


Popunder is a common ad type, and Clickadu has about 122 million popunder impressions daily. Since popunders are only loaded beneath the main web page and come into view once the main webpage or tab is closed, users are sure to see it once they close the main window.

With this ad format, advertisers have the option to turn on proxy traffic.

This ad runs on SmartCPM, SmartCPA, and CPM pricing models.

Push notifications

Clickadu allows advertisers to also make use of push notifications to advertise to their audience whether they are browsing web pages or not. Clickadu's push ads deliver up to 440 million impressions daily and work well on both mobile and desktop.

In-page push

This ad format is quite similar to push notifications except that Inpage push ads are available on any kind of OS, including iOS. It also doesn't require permission from users to be displayed, because it's not a real push message on devices. The ad shows up on websites visited by the user. You can combine this ad format with push notifications to attain maximum reach.

Bidding Models

Clickadu currently has four bidding models and are CPM, CPC, SmartCPM, and SmartCPA. With the CPM and CPC models, advertisers can set the rate they wish to pay for a thousand impressions or a single ad click, respectively. And with the SmartCPM and SmartCPA models, advertisers get to set the maximum amount they are willing to pay for traffic based on conversions they receive.


  • Instant Text Messages ad format available for mobile devices

  • Solid anti-fraud and bot filters

  • Option for fully managed campaigns

  • Good quality traffic

  • Reliable support for when platform users face any challenges

  • All-round ad coverage


  • Push notification ads allow only one creative

  • Slow dashboard

  • No graphs to show your campaign's traffic trend

Final Thoughts on Clickadu

In conclusion, it's easy to say that Clickadu is an excellent network for advertisers to gain a high level of traffic. You also get additional benefits from the platform like efficient customer support through email, Skype, online ticket method, or phone call, giving you a variety of options to make inquiries or complaints. Several affiliates register with this network regularly, and based on all the features this site has to offer, we'd say it's worth giving a shot.

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