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Company Overview

When it comes to mobile ad networks, Advertizer can be considered as one of the best in the market. Advertizer is a revolutionary mobile traffic source that delivers more than five billion ads a month.

It's easy to say that Advertizer is the number one mobile traffic advertising network for performance marketers. Advertisers running ads on this network are privileged to get access to over seventeen thousand publishers and a large number of clicks per second, as Advertizer itself boasts twenty-two million clicks daily. As an advertiser on this platform, you could attain traffic from all GEOs with their super effective traffic types on both mobile and web.

Advertizer Unique Features

There are several useful features that you get to enjoy as an advertiser on this network. Some of them are the following:

Special algorithm

The special algorithm (powered by Monetizer) that this ad network uses can very efficiently predict what kinds of offers users want to see as a result of the billions of data points it has learned from. Your ad is displayed to users that have the highest level of interest owing to their previous actions or based on their demographics.

When the right offers are displayed to the right people, the conversion rate is definitely higher. As a result, advertisers attain a competitive level of profitability when running ads on this platform.

CPA Campaign

This type of campaign allows advertisers to only pay for what they get, such as leads or app installs. If you own an offer or are an affiliate for one, Advertizer presents a risk-free option for traffic when launching your ad campaigns. To achieve this, you need to set your criteria for targeting, CPA goal, and budget, and your campaign is all set in your favor.

However, to be allowed to run a CPA campaign, you would be required to run a CPA Trial first. An upfront fee is required for this trial, and the price depends on the geo. This test evaluates the quality of your offer. If the platform determines that your offer performs poorly, it will be paused regardless of the number of clicks or conversions you receive.

As this platform's goal is to run high-quality offers, advertisers who run CPA ads are given a CPA Score. If you want to continue running CPA campaigns, your score must be 90% and above, else you will be booted out from this feature.

Self-serve platform

The self-serve platform allows advertisers to have full control over their campaigns. Several target options are available when creating campaigns for marketers to easily adjust multiple parameters like device type, OS, Browser type, GEO, and so on.

Accepts many verticals

Advertizer's traffic works for any vertical, but the most successful ones are Sweepstakes, App downloads, ½ Click, APKs with a pre-lander, Games, Adult Dating, Anti-Virus, COD, Pin submits, and E-commerce. In essence, this ad network is open to advertisers who want to promote multiple types of offers.

Offer Market

This is where publishers post the type of traffic they have, the geo source, device, connection, and the type of offer they are looking for based on conversion flow. If you want to directly work with just one publisher, this is a great place to start.

Traffic Types

The traffic types offered on Advertizer include the following:

Push Ads

Advertizer gives their clients the opportunity to send messages in the form of push notifications straight to their customers' devices. This captures the user's attention the moment he uses his device.

In-App traffic

Unlike many other advertising networks, this one lets its advertisers receive traffic from mobile apps, too.

CPA Campaign Traffic

These are the types of traffic that the advertiser has the potential to receive when running CPA campaigns. Of course, you can choose the traffic type you prefer.

  • Pops

  • Redirect traffic

  • Native traffic

  • Search

  • Social

Push Notification ads and In-app ads can be created immediately, while the CPA ads need to go through a rigorous acceptance process first.

Bidding Models

Advertizer operates on the CPA, CPC, and CPV pricing models. Push ads are on CPC while In-app ads are on CPV. The CPA bidding model, as explained above, allows advertisers to pay only when they get conversions. That way, they don't lose any money as long as they can maintain their CPA Score.

Payment Methods

Advertisers can top-up their accounts via wire transfer, credit card, and Paxum, for a minimum of $100. If you are a Monetizer affiliate and have earned at least $50, you can simply transfer your earnings and use the money to get more traffic.


  • Excellent source of mobile traffic

  • Provides a way to work directly with publishers

  • CPA Campaigns work great as you only pay for conversions, but the offer must perform well.


  • No instant registration as application verification takes 24 hours

  • Very strict when it comes to adult offers.

  • A lot of advanced targeting options aren't available.

  • Working directly with publishers is risky as the network cannot control it if the publisher sends fake conversions.

  • Data is stored for a limited period of time.

Final Thoughts on Advertizer

Advertizer cares about its reputation and that of its clients deeply and wants to ensure that users get nothing less than the highest standard of service. This is why each application is reviewed before acceptance into the network.

Using CPA campaigns is tricky, though. If you have a good offer that performs well, coupled with an accurate tracker that can filter out fraudulent traffic, then it can work for you. Make sure to store traffic data for CPA campaigns in case you have complaints against the legitimacy of the traffic the publisher is sending you.

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