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Company Overview

Adsterra is a popular advertising network that aims at connecting a vast number of advertisers and publishers from anywhere in the world. Having been founded in 2013 by professional webmasters and affiliate marketers, the company boasts many years of experience along with an excellent reputation.

Many bloggers and affiliates have recognized this platform as one of the best advertising networks presently, as Adsterra provides an outstanding combination of human intelligence and creative technology.

They specialize in helping both publishers and advertisers grow their capital, enhance their skills and improve professionally. This article covers important details on Adsterra's services including the pros and cons of using the platform as an advertiser.

Unique Features

Adsterra comes with some interesting, helpful, and unique features, and they are outlined below:

Self-service Platform

One very helpful advantage that Adsterra provides is the self-service option. With this method, users don't need to work with a manager as the whole process of launching a campaign, placing white or blacklists, tracking statistics, generating ad codes, and even changing settings becomes automated.

The simple, transparent, and fast self-serve platform provided by Adsterra gives advertisers, both beginners and professionals, more control over their advertising campaigns and makes it very easy to monitor the performance of ad placements with auto-prepared reports and detailed analytics.

Apart from 100% easy control, other advantages of the self-serve option include the following:

  • All operations can be done within just one page

  • Advertisers can establish complete targeting and tracking within few minutes

  • The platform also makes it easy to make reliable estimates of traffic volumes

  • Advertisers can launch as many campaigns as they desire

  • The platform allows for A/B testing up to fifteen creatives

Additional Security Layer

Adsterra offers an extra third layer of security, unlike most other advertising networks. They prioritize the security of their users and make use of trustworthy third-party fraud detection systems in addition to internal monitoring software and human verification by a team of specialized experts.

The entire feed and not just the most recent is scanned thoroughly every thirty minutes to ensure users are provided with the safest possible experience.

Anti-Adblock Technology

This feature allows users who have set up Adblock to see your ads anyway. It works quite effectively because web users with Adblock don't get to see a lot of ads, so when they do see yours, it's easy to notice. This leads to higher CTRs and is said to add up to twenty percent to your revenue.

Traffic Types

Adsterra offers a variety of traffic types to help advertisers earn more from visitors. The ad formats are available for both desktop and mobile, and they include popunders, social bars, web push, native ads, VAST pre-roll videos, and display banners of all popular sizes.

Unlike most other advertising networks that deal with only a couple of ad formats, Adsterra has a variety of traffic types.


Popunder ads are less intrusive kinds of display ads that are displayed beneath a website's browser window rather than on top like in the case of pop-up ads. It appears when the user clicks on any part of the publishing website's page.

Adsterra lets advertisers display pop-under ads in a new browser or tab, delivering a hundred percent responsiveness with the aid of the Adsterra popunder script. Because it opens up beneath the active window, the user will see it once he closes the current browser tab.

Social bar

This ad format lets advertisers drive traffic to their websites by giving page visitors the option to share their content across different social media platforms. With Adsterra, advertisers can achieve up to thirty times higher clickthrough rates when compared with web push ads.

Web push

This is one of the most common types of ads. Users get a notification request from websites and begin to receive ads on upcoming sales and discounts, the latest news and articles, promotions, and other kinds of content only after they have agreed to get these notifications. Adsterra offers User Lifetime Targeting which gives advertisers the option to divide their audience into segments and narrow the target down to just those who are willing to buy.

Native ads

Adsterra boasts one billion impressions weekly which makes it easier and faster for native ads to blend in web and mobile content while driving eight times higher clickthrough rates than traditional display ads.

VAST Pre-roll video

Pre-rolls are short video messages that are shown before the main content selected by the user is displayed. It makes use of VAST or PAID tags to host videos. These kinds of ads are suitable for creating visual content such as trailers, teasers, brand videos, and many more.


Banner ads offered by Adsterra come in a variety of sizes to ensure your ads receive maximum visibility. Of all other traffic types, the results achieved by banner ads remain unrivaled. Adsterra provides advertisers with access to well-grounded traffic sources from eighteen thousand different publishers and willing customers.

Bidding Models

The most sought-after bidding models are offered on Adsterra, including CPM, CPA, CPC, CPL, and CPI. CPM is used more frequently than the others for display ads and is considered the best option for a high ROI on adverts.

Funding Options

Adsterra allows its users to make deposits through UnionPay, Visa and Mastercard cards, Paxum, Webmoney, QIWI, Yandex Money, and Capitalist. The minimum deposit for advertisers is $100.

Wire transfer is also possible but for a minimum of $1,000.


  • The platform supports multiple ad formats

  • Worldwide coverage

  • Great traffic volume

  • There is a variety of traffic types for both desktop and mobile

  • Many different ways to make payments


  • Poor advertiser support

Final Thoughts on Adsterra

There's no denying that Adsterra is one of the best advertising networks we have today. Users get to enjoy a broad range of ad formats and competitive CPM rates to earn money from visitors. This platform is highly recommended if you're in search of an effective advertising network for your marketing campaign.

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