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Company Overview

Adcash was founded in 2007 and has become one of the top-tier advertising networks in the world today. Like many other advertising networks, Adcash helps advertisers promote their products, services, and digital content both locally and globally. With its in-house optimization technology, more than thirteen years of experience under its belt, and several awards of excellence, Adcash has a big advantage over other traffic platforms.

The Adcash platform operates on a self-serve model where clients can easily reach their goals through a simple, enjoyable, and profitable journey. This network has made it easy for advertisers to run, manage, analyze and remain in control of campaigns all within one site. Although Adcash operates on a self-serve model, dedicated account managers are still made readily available to offer assistance if need be, particularly if you have a huge budget set aside for your marketing campaigns. Let's look at some interesting features of this network in detail.

Unique Features

Adcash offers all the tools and features advertisers need to run effective AD campaigns and they are listed below:

Fast Campaign Creation And Real-Time Statistics

Adcash allows advertisers to set up highly targeted ad campaigns of multiple formats worldwide. They can start advertising in minutes to reach set goals with results-driven customer acquisition. Campaigns on Adcash are also easy to create. In addition to this, Advertisers can easily track their traffic through AdCcash's live statistics feature.

Advanced Targeting And User Interest Feature

Adcash's advanced targeting and user interest feature allow advertisers to find the perfect audience for what they are offering. Marketers can target audiences based on niche categories (there are 26 of these), browser types, ISP, zones, and supply sources.

Anti Adblock Technology

Ad blockers are the kryptonite of advertisers. With Adcash's anti-AdBlock feature, advertisers can bypass ad blockers and successfully display ads to the targeted audience.

Traffic Types

One of Adcash's great features is the availability of multiple Ad formats for advertisers. With these ad formats, advertisers can successfully get the best out of their advertisements, when managed well. The traffic types available on Adcash are as follows:

Push Notifications

Adcash allows the advertiser to send eye-catching ads to a user's device. This ad format offers high visibility, more click-through rates, and high engagement. It gets the attention of the user without interruptions.


Adcash's Pop-under ad format offers advertisers the potential opportunity to increase awareness and to get maximum earning. These ads are displayed behind the user's browser window and don't intrude on the user's browsing experience.

Interstitial Adds

Adcash's interstitial ad format allows the advertiser to create versatile and cost-effective ads that show up while a website or page is loading. Adcash's interstitial ads give maximum exposure for small investments, along with high conversion rates.

Native Ads

Advertisers can make highly effective ads for the promotion of content and products with Adcash's Native Ads. With this ad format, ads will blend in with the surrounding content of the webpage and generate high conversion rates and engagement. Native ads offer a good way to boost the advertiser's ad revenue.

Banner Ads

There are three types of banner ad formats available on Adcash, including leaderboard, skyscraper, and rectangle.


The leaderboard banner format is Adcash's best performing format and is usually placed at the top of the web page for high visibility.


The rectangle banner format is versatile and mobile compatible. They can appear anywhere on a website or page.


This ad format has a tall and narrow structure and is displayed at the side of the content page. It gives high exposure and displays on both desktop and mobile.

Bidding Models

AdCash uses six bidding models:

  • Cost per click (CPC)

  • Cost per installation (CPI)

  • Cost per Lead (CPL)

  • Cost per Mile (CPM)

  • Cost per Purchase (CPP)

  • CPA target

CPC is better when the focus is on performance and interaction instead of CPM which costs you for ad views. CPM campaigns are better for building brand awareness and brand name. CPA Target automatically optimizes the traffic generated by evaluating the traffic sources against conversions.

Payment Methods

To fund your account, you can use any of the following:

  • Paypal

  • Webmoney

  • Credit Card

  • Wire Transfer

  • Skrill

If you prefer to add funds via wire transfer, the Adcash bank details will be provided. Ensure you add the reference number of your payment in the payment description field. Transfer payments will be processed in three business days.

The minimum deposit for the Managed option is $1000 while the Self-Serve platform is $100.


  • Multiple ad formats

  • Multiple funding options

  • Prompt response from managers and customer support

  • Setting up campaigns is easy

  • Great traffic volume


  • Doesn't allow adult ads

  • High minimum deposit of $1000 for managed campaigns


Overall, I can say that Adcash is a trustworthy advertising network that pays good attention to its clients and ensures that advertisers get everything they need for a successful ad campaign. On the self-serve platform, advertisers can easily set up their accounts to get started and still have complete control of their campaigns. Everything is simplified with Adcash, from creating campaigns to optimizing them. The basic and advanced targeting options ensure that advertisers can maximize their reach and in turn, their conversion rates. All features of Adcash together create a seamless experience for advertisers.

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